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Mite League

Mite League Spring 2014

Welcome to the Showcase Mite League

With 31 years of off-season hockey league experience

Showcase Hockey is the place to play!


2014 Mite League Features


  • One team practice – shared ice with another team
  • No price increase from the 2012 season!
  • 10 full-ice league games
  • Great ice times
  • Games will be played at arenas all around town as teams register from around the Metro
  • Games played mostly on the weekends
  • Out-state competition at some levels
  • Full ice games with a referee
  • 17 team jerseys for players to keep
  • Teams and individuals may register
  • Individuals will be placed on teams as teams may ask for additional players.  If there are enough individual registrations left after team requests we will make up a team of those players.  If not placed you will receive a full refund about a week after the season starts.  You will be contacted if you are picked up by a team or if we are able to put a team together
  • All players on a team will play at the level they will be playing at in the upcoming winter season

Important Dates to Remember

  • FALL LEAGUE REGISTRATION DEADLINE:                                AUGUST 26th, 2014
  • JERSEY PICKUP DATE: SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2014 between 4-6 pm.  Final team payments are due before this date.  Team balances will be charged to your credit card when registering on line.
  • Pickup for teams not individuals will be at the Super Rink in Blaine (upstairs above the main entrance) and the Bloomington IceGarden (near rink 3).  Jerseys, schedules and coach’s gifts will  be there for pickup.  Schedules will not be available until the jersey pickup date!  Extra Jerseys Are $10 Each
  • SEASON STARTS: SEPTEMBER 6TH, 2014 some may start a few days later
  • SEASON ENDS: OCTOBER 5th, 2014.  This will be the last weekend of the league play

Levels of Play

  • Mite A2 - For the strongest mite teams or individual players generally entering their last year of mite hockey.  The top players from an association should play at this level – the top level.
  • Mite B1 - Most of the players should be in or coming off of their 2nd year mite hockey.   
  • Mite B2 - These players should be coming off of their 1st season of mite hockey or 1st year players.  The majority of the players should have been six the previous winter season with a few five year olds mixed in. 
  • Mite Girls - Teams consisting of all U8 players for the upcoming winter playing will play in the B1 level above. 

 All players on a team MUST play at the level they just completed in their association season no exceptions!


Please pay close attention to the skill level of your players when registering as the leagues are divided by skill level. 



Mite Team & Individual Player Fees

Team Registration Fee -  (A non-refundable $495 deposit will hold your teams spot). Teams needing players must ask for them early.  If taken the team will be credited for any individual players assigned to their team in the amount of $135 about a week or two after the season starts.  Team fee is $2,295.


Individual Player Fee We will do everything possible to place your player.  Teams will contact us if they are in need of players or we may be able to make up a team if we have enough players left over.  If not placed parents will get a full refund.  Refunds will go out a week or two after the season starts. Individual player fee is $160.


Game Information for Coaches

Teams, please refer to these guidelines for game procedures regarding game times, line changes, off sides, icing, and penalties.


Mite B1 and B2 Levels

  • Full Ice with one referee
  • Coaches are allowed on the ice to help players with positioning
  • Three minute pre game warm-up one minute between periods
  • Three 16 minute running time periods
  • Line changes on the buzzer every two minutes, the puck stays in play (no face offs) to avoid time delays only. Close off sides within 2 feet and no icing.


Mite A2 Level

  • Full Ice with one referee
  • Three minute pre game warm-up one minute between periods
  • Three 16 minute running time periods
  • Line changes on the fly face offs after goals
  • Offside and Icing will be called
  • Penalties are served on the bench for 2 minutes

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact: 


Bob Capra

Showcase League Director


952-920-8826, ext.11




Outstate Teams!!!

Teams from outside the Metro area can play games on weekends with multiple games per day.  Limit your travel and play games in the metro!


Pick your weekends and we will do our best to accommodate you with multiple games per day!  Pick 4, 6, 8 or 10 games.


Contact Bob Capra for out-state team options:





There will not be any refunds after scheduling has been completed for the Showcase Hockey League